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11 Nov 2022

Eco House Model Boat Challenge

Well done to all our children for their fantastic entries into our Eco House Model Boat Challenge. Designed over half term, we received nearly 60 entries which were launched on the lake yesterday.


15 Oct 2022

Our STEAM Fair Event

The idea that STEAM subjects do not need to be isolated is key in inspiring the children to spark deeper interests. That’s what our STEAM Fair was all about and Mrs Marshall and Mr Bennett were delighted to receive a plethora of new and innovative ideas. 

TE Award Web Graphic

20 Sept 2022

Talk Education Award Win

Walhampton has been awarded the Talk Education’s award for ‘Innovation in Education’ in the Pastoral Care and Wellbeing category.

Sailing Regatta 2

07 Jul 2022

Sailing regatta success

Last week, Walhampton held its first school Sailing Regatta at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club. This was for our Year 5/6 children with those who race regularly and have taken part in our U11 regattas paired up with a less experienced crew and encouraged to pass on their skills and knowledge of racing.


04 Jul 2022

'Thankyou' from Honeypot

At the end of the summer term, Viv Carter from Honeypot children's charity popped in to say a huge thank you to Walhampton. Even though Honeypot is not one of our school charities this year, she said the huge donations given during lockdown from the School had kept them up and running.

Eco Day Jonny

13 Jun 2022

Celebrating Eco Day

What a brilliant way to start this year's Eco Day. There was plenty of curiosity from across our year groups as we talked, shared and listened to how we can all help to save our planet. As part of our Eco Day to launch our Carbon Zero pledge, we welcomed author Mattea Pauc of Re-Educating Earthlings plus entomologist Dr George McGavin.

Jubilee Strawberries

04 May 2022

Jubilee Jamboree

From horse & carriage parades, to town bands, space hoppers and Pre-Prep crowns ….it could only be Walhampton’s Jubilee celebrations!

Bug hunting

28 Mar 2022


There is no doubt that Walhampton is a school with green thumbs. With many eco-initiatives that have superseded the requirements for the ‘Green Flag Status’ it is clear that Walhampton cares deeply for the environment.

Opera Evening

21 Mar 2022

The Magic Flute

Walhampton’s first School opera is a success. Walhampton staged its first opera performance of ‘The Magic Flute’ this week to a packed audience of family, staff and special guests from the local community. 

House 3

17 Mar 2022

Alumni Blog 2022

Returning to Walhampton after five years has emersed me into nostalgia. As the new music and drama assistant seeing a school from a staff perspective has shined new lights on old memories.

Wallhampton School 27 Websize

18 Mar 2021

My Morning in Pre-Prep

This week I spent a morning in Pre-Prep. Some of the children were, I was told, incredibly excited about my visit as they did not even realise they had a Head.


01 Jan 2021

A letter from our new Head to 2021

Dear 2021 I’m so glad you’re here! Your older brother, 2020, was an oppressive one. Whilst he highlighted just how important community is, he was perplexing and unpredictable. You never knew what was coming next with him.

Maths Outdoor Learning

01 Nov 2020

Continuous Maths Curriculum

Our maths department has created a continuous curriculum plan for maths learning through the Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior stages of Walhampton.

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07 Sept 2020

Outdoor Learning

When you think of a school classroom, you’ll probably picture four walls, chairs and desks. But what if a classroom had none of that? Just trees and foliage, lakes and fields, open sky for a ceiling, and learning materials strewn around on the woodland floor. Now imagine how much fun that would be for any enquiring young mind.

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10 Aug 2020

Preparing your children for reception

Every year we look forward to welcoming our Reception classes into school in September. For some it’s just a hop and a skip across the corridor from our Kindergarten classroom. For others it’s their first experience of Walhampton.

Drone House 2020 1

07 Apr 2020

Appointment of new headmaster

The Board of Governors is delighted to announce that the School has appointed Jonathan Timms as the new Headmaster of Walhampton from January 2021.

Problem Solvers

09 Mar 2020

British Science Week

It’s British Science Week and to celebrate we’re taking a look at the fantastic scientific projects underway by the students at Walhampton in Hampshire.

Singing in the tree

14 Feb 2020

What can Shakespeare teach 12 and 13 year olds about love?

The Year 8 text in English this term is ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Set 1 are currently enjoying the cut and thrust, the grief and despair, and of course the achingly moving love story that forms the narrative thread of this classic Shakespearian tragedy.


10 Feb 2020

The Walhampton Express

It’s not just Hogwarts where pupils arrive at school by train. Every week the Walhampton Express travels from London through the picturesque Hampshire countryside to arrive at Walhampton Prep School, an outstanding boarding school in the New Forest.

Forest walks

10 Jan 2020

Pre-Prep getting it right

Few things are more precious – or wondrous to behold - than the early years of a child’s development. The friends they make. The talents they reveal. The questions they ask. The adventures they enjoy.

Walhamptonschoolhr 0413

24 Nov 2016

Is Boarding School right for My Daughter

WHY WOULD I CHOOSE BOARDING FOR MY LITTLE GIRL? This is a question that a growing number of parents ask when looking for the right educational path for their daughter.


17 Nov 2016

Flexi-Boarding at Prep School

Most boarding schools today offer a plethora of boarding options, but one option, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular with a large number of parents: In the world of prep schools, ‘flexi boarding’ is seen as a bridge between the world of a day pupil and that of a weekly or full-boarder.

Preprep children with nets

07 Sept 2016

We're a Green Award Winning Independent Prep School

We are delighted to announce that Walhampton Prep School has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Status. Ten years ago, we joined the Eco-Schools scheme, since then, have guided teachers and pupils to achieving this ultimate Green Flag Status.

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