21 Jun 2024

Year 7 Shines in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat" Performance

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‘Joseph,’ went super well with everybody playing their part and in Year 7, that’s a lot of parts! After our exams, with only two weeks practice, we were all in the spotlight!

Not everybody was on stage though, as Henry H, Henry W, Jago, Blake and Ned B were camouflaged, as stage managers in the wings. Flynn was at the top of the stairs with the lighting box and thanks to our artistic set designers, all was painted and ready! 

Every single person on stage sang their hearts out (and some of the audience too!) with Toby courageously playing the Pharaoh like Elvis Presley. Garance helped the brothers with their French accent, as they pulled on their berets for, 'those Canaan days!’

IMG 0723

It was the highlight of a lot of peoples' year with not one person finding it boring! Juan, an Ismaelite (he also created our programme) said,’ it was a ‘really good experience and I’ve never done anything like it,’ and Luke, one of our two narrators said, 'I loved doing all of the solos and I enjoyed the challenge,’ It certainly was a challenge for Luke. He had to fill in for Mimi on the second night. And a special shout out to Toby who, when we found out Thomas who played Jacob was ill, jumped at the opportunity to stretch himself and learn another big part in just a day! Jago, a stage manager said, ‘it was lots of fun, we worked well as a team but it was very challenging in the dark, in the wings.’’ Molly said, ‘it was so exciting, loved the dancing and it certainly brought us all together.’

It was a huge success, led by Mrs Usher and with Mr Burton on the piano. Everybody remembered their lines, where to be on stage and thanks to the stage managers, when to come on. We won’t forget it, ever and the feeling of us all on stage singing and swaying together, being clapped by the audience was the best! 

By Ned N.

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