17 Nov 2023

Moroccan mountain climb

In the half term I went to Morrocco to summit the highest mountain in North Africa called Mount Toubkal. The journey took just over 20 hours but what I didn't know was that they would be the hardest hours of my life.

I set out on my trek in a small village called Imlil that was heavily damaged by the recent earthquake. Only an hour through I already started to feel drowsy and tired. At the same moment I realised how much damage the earthquake really did. The mule rider helping us was effected by the earthquake and had lost his home and was living in a tent with his two children, deeply humbling. 

We arrived at the the refuge (base camp) after 6 hours of walking those six hours included very tired legs and a pack lunch next to a beautiful mountain river. The refuge was cold and dark and I was sharing a bedroom with 28 other people so sleeping was a different problem to be handled. First was a delicious Moroccan tagine cooked on a camp stove. I then went to bed expecting a long night's sleep because of how tired I was but that wasn't the case. I roughly slept about half an hour!

The morning was a sharp 3am start before I had a quick breakfast then set out to summit the mountain. The climb was exhausting. When I reached the summit instead of celebrating the moment I instead threw up then fell to the ground. I luckily woke up to see the sunrise it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I took a photo at the summit with our guide Muhammad, he was an excellent guide and without him we would not have made it to the top. 

The moment I dreaded was the walk back down. The walk back down was even harder it included tears, achy legs and dangerous rock falls. I was extremely tired. We got back to the base camp around 10:30am. The walk back to the village of Imlil was a tough downhill six hour trek and we arrived just before sunset. Overall, it was challenging but a fantastic experience, I highly recommend it.

Thank you to everyone for donating to the earthquake fund in total we raised over £600.

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