Pastoral 01


For children at Walhampton, striving for academic success always goes hand in hand with emotional wellbeing. Both are equally valued. Whether it’s friendship, compassion, nurturing or support, Walhampton’s pastoral care is central to that philosophy and is an overarching priority for the school.

For everyone in the Walhampton community, Kindness comes first for a reason. Kindness is closely followed by Curiosity and Achievement, but Kindness comes first.

We are a school underpinned by values and driven by relationships. Our staff know that to help children achieve their best in the classroom and beyond, they need to feel connected, supported and secure. It starts with a welcome at the gate and extends to being there to help the children through the challenges that lie ahead. It is supporting, but not handholding, and we nurture children to give them the roots they need to grow strong and sure by the time they leave Walhampton.

We devote significant resources to this important aspect of school life, and are proactive and reactive in our support and care. We take a holistic view of each child, balancing physical wellbeing, mental health and academic achievement to gain a deep and expert understanding of the children in our care. At Walhampton we give the children the space, support and encouragement to flourish.

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