06 Oct 2023

Full STEAM ahead for this year's competition winners!

The STEAM competition has become a much anticipated annual Walhampton tradition and this year’s STEAM Fair showcases the very best of Walhampton as pupils of all ages, interests and abilities gathered to celebrate innovation, creativity, and curiosity.

The competition encourages our pupils to be innovators and solve problems and this year’s challenge also provided opportunities for passionate collectors or those wanting to test out or research something interesting from the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art or maths.

We received over 30 entries across our new categories of ‘Innovator, Collector,  Explainer and Ultra Explainer for the Juniors. 

Our guest judge was Bryanston's Teacher of Physics and Theory of Knowledge, Dr Mike Kearney, who was very impressed with the quality and detail of the entries. 

A big well done to all of those who persevered with their challenge and submitted an entry, which is a massive achievement. Huge congratulations to our winners who were awarded a handpicked encyclopaedia, badge and certificate. 

The winners were announced in assembly where they were awarded an encyclopaedia, STEAM badge and certificates to proudly display. 



Henry Finch - Innovator - boat hiking simulator

Dash Jones - Explainer - egg drop explainer

Tilly Waddington - Collector - sea glass


Noah Champkin - Innovator - wind turbine

Toby Clark - Explainer - moth evolution


Billy Bubb - Innovator - eco Lighthouse

Kaya Carrington - Collector - shells

Seb Lee - Explainer - electric circuits

Henry Sutton - Ultra Explainer - how we think differently

George Lawrence - Collector - crystals 

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