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Our four Houses at Walhampton are all named after famous pioneers: Cavell, Wilberforce, Shackleton and Potter. Every child from Year 3 belongs to a House which is led by a senior member of staff as Head of House. Every member of staff in the prep school is also assigned a house and they meet regularly to allow children to bond within as well as outside of their year group and develop togetherness and loyalty as a house.

The House system serves many purposes and is something which the children really value. Children get to know other children from older and younger year groups, and they learn to work together towards a common goal. Children in Year 8 take on responsibility for groups of younger children as Patrol Leaders and this vertical system ensures children have friends outside of their year groups.

There are many interhouse competitions throughout the year ranging from sporting contests to singing and including an extremely noising pancake race. All children quickly realise that they have a part to play in their House. It may be as an individual competitor or as an enthusiastic supporter, as part of the whole choir or simply earning a Stag for a kind deed.

At the end of each term all points are added up and the winning house celebrates with the Hedges House Party. Children learn to win with grace and lose with dignity, and the healthy competitive spirit is wonderful to see.

House x country

Prefects and Patrol Leaders

All Year 8 children have the opportunity to take on some form of responsibility to help with the smooth running of the school. 

A Head Boy and Head Girl, supported by a Deputy Head Boy and Girl, are chosen at the start of the year. Prefects are also appointed by staff in the autumn and spring terms.

House staff choose a Head of House who has shown particular leadership to the younger members of the House during their time at Walhampton. The Year 8 pupils become Patrol Leaders to a group of around 10 children within the House, and they are responsible firstly to the Head of House, and then to the Head of Seniors.


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