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Prep School in Hampshire

7-13 years

Walhampton is a dynamic Prep school where a broad and balanced curriculum combines with exemplary teaching and outstanding facilities. All in a unique New Forest country setting.

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Why is Walhampton the perfect prep school for your child?

Let’s fast-forward a few years and start at the end. When your child leaves this school, no doubt to go on to one of the outstanding senior schools in the country, we know they will do so with a smile on their face, happy in the knowledge that they are well prepared and have loved every minute here. They will have made friends for life and learned vital life lessons too. They will depart, confident and impressive young people, equipped with the personal accomplishments and academic achievements that will enable them to do great things in the world.

From the New Forest, with a setting of almost unrivalled tranquillity and beauty, we set children out on education’s great odyssey. We believe that such a journey should be an exciting adventure, not an arduous trek, something to stir their spirits not fuel their fears.

From the outset, we make the transition to Prep School as gentle and welcoming as possible. Over the years we have become experts at equipping children with the confidence and curiosity to make facing those early hours and days both a calm and exciting experience. And beyond the new faces, places and routines, something as old as our school itself endures – a determination to quickly understand your child’s individual skills, needs and progression.

It will come as no surprise to any Walhampton pupil or parent that the Independent Schools Inspectorate has described Walhampton Prep School as:  “An exciting and dynamic school in which children acquire a genuine thirst for knowledge and a love of learning… Pupils are extremely well prepared for their future lives.”


Year 3 and 4

From the outset, we make the transition to Prep School as gentle and welcoming as possible. Years 3 and 4 spend most of their time with their form teacher, who is responsible for their academic lessons and weekly outdoor learning sessions. However, they also benefit from specialist teachers for Art, Design Technology, Computing, Music, Drama, French and Sport. The Head of Juniors oversees all academic and pastoral care matters.
In Years 3 and 4, an important objective is building confidence and independence. Whilst the Year 3 children have the option of a shorter day, finishing at 15.45, many choose to stay later to take part in our enrichment curriculum. The children benefit from a huge range of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities – shaped by our extraordinary setting - that combine to ignite a genuine joy of learning.

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Year 5 and 6

By Years 5 and 6, the children are mainly taught by academic specialist teachers, with individual pastoral care needs continuing to be looked after by their form teachers.
A focus on teaching them to express themselves with kindness and patience, helps the children to understand the power of their voice in society.
Throughout the Prep school, the shape of the school day is balanced so that the core curriculum lessons start first thing and end at 3.45pm, after which the children take part in our enrichment curriculum and prep.


Year 7 and 8

Years 7 and 8 are the Senior part of the school during which time we aim to provide the opportunities you would expect at senior school within the familiar and nurturing environment of our Prep school.
By giving our 11 to 13 year olds responsibilities, we instil a determination to find solutions to problems and an understanding of how to learn from each other.
Effective links with our wider community help to provide experiences that ground their education and skill development, demonstrating why we need the skills we are teaching them.

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Visit Us

Let us show you why Walhampton is such a special place, please contact our Registrar, Vicky Candy, on 01590 613300 or email: registrar@walhampton.com. She’d be delighted to have a general exploratory chat or to arrange either a private visit, a place at one of our open mornings or to send you a prospectus.

Happy hearts and happy faces, happy play in grassy places, that was how, in ancient ages, children grew to kings and sages.

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