Across the Science subjects, we encourage curiosity and promote understanding through practical investigations and using a wide range of interactive resources. Inspiring lessons reinforce just how exciting Science can be.


We engage every pupil through stimulating kinesthetic learning experiences - "hands on" and "hands in" - providing opportunities to really explore and discover. Lessons for Years 3-8 are based in our well-resourced laboratories, while interactive whiteboards and other equipment mean we can carry out a wide range of experiments and demonstrations. We also have "the great outdoors"... the school grounds, kitchen garden and greenhouse are used whenever possible for experiments and learning.

In Biology, Chemistry and Physics we aim to help all our children:

  • Acquire scientific knowledge.
  • Develop an understanding and enjoyment of science.
  • Recognise connections between different subjects.
  • Develop practical skills including making and recording observations, alongside evaluating and discussing scientific ideas and becoming increasingly aware of current scientific issues.

We expect and achieve high standards of academic achievement. With the curriculum designed to prepare pupils for the 11+ exam in Year 6 if required and the 13+ in Year 8, pupils can also be prepared for entrance or scholarship exams for specific senior schools.

Science Assessment

A structured self-assessment takes place at the end of each topic, along with formal school exams. We also hold regular informal quizzes and tests.

Science Curriculum and Teaching

    • Biology: Cells and cell functions, life processes, humans as organisms, green plants as organisms, variation, classification and inheritance, living things in their environment.
    • Chemistry: Grouping and classifying materials, changing materials, patterns of behaviour.
    • Physics: Electricity and magnetism, forces, motion and density, light and sound, the Earth and beyond, energy resources and energy transfer.

Key Concepts, Skills and Processes Cover

Scientific thinking, applications and implications of science, practical and enquiry skills, critical understanding of evidence communication.

The Head of Science teaches Biology, Chemistry and Physics to Years 7 and 8 in three lessons each week and one lesson of Biology to Year 6 pupils. In addition, a lesson of Chemistry and one of Physics are taught to Year 6 and two lessons of Science to Years 3, 4 and 5 each week.

Science Department Staff

Head of Science, Amy Marshall teaches Senior science.
Bob Whiltshire teaches Junior science.