Religious Studies

Walhampton has strong Christian values and traditions, which the Religious Studies Department reflects, while also mirroring today’s multicultural society by teaching about other faiths.


Religious Studies has achieved excellent Common Entrance results over the past three years with 78 % of children gaining A and B grades.
We aim to:

  • Enable pupils to acquire knowledge of a variety of faiths to help them through life and prepare them for future studies.
  • Raise pupils’ spiritual and moral awareness and understanding of how religion shapes our society and culture.
  • Encourage tolerance for the beliefs of others and so prepare pupils for CE and Scholarship exams.

Discussion is vital to pupils’ development in this subject: pupils are encouraged to ask questions to challenge themselves and help make a sense of who they are, their beliefs and values. We look at a range of contemporary issues in depth, and this forms the basis of most lessons. Interactive whiteboard teaching, drama and Powerpoint help immerse the pupils in their learning and inspire them to think carefully about a variety of issues. We also use religious artifacts to help understand different practices and beliefs, while visits to a local church, synagogue and Hindu mandir reflect different places of worship.

The Chapel

This is the “heartbeat” of school life and a vital part of our pupils’ moral and spiritual development. Every day of the week except Saturday, some form of worship takes place here with the principal service on Friday afternoon. Guest speakers come from far afield to lead services and to help enhance pupils’ understanding of the world.

Religious Studies Assessment

Ongoing and half-yearly assessments and exams, and end of year exams.

Religious Curriculum and Teaching

  • Reception: Jonah, Christmas story, stories about Jesus and Noah.
  • Year 1: Harvest Festival, religious symbols, Easter story and churches.
  • Year 2: Jewish festivals, religious leaders, Holy books, the Bible and Torah.
  • Year 3: Islam & Christianity comparisons, Festivals of light, Muhummad and Christian saints, Mosques & churches.
  • Year 4: Stories from the Old Testament, Sikhism.
  • Year 5: Old Testament characters, stories from the New Testament.
  • Year 6: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.
  • Year 7: CE Syllabus - Old Testament stories.
  • Year 8: CE Syllabus – Judaism, New Testament stories.
  • In Reception, Years 1 and 2: one 30-minute lesson a week.
  • Years 3, 4, 5, 6: Each class has one 50-minute lesson.
  • Years 7 and 8: One lesson a week plus 30-minute prep.

Religious Studies Department Staff

Mike Stanley Head of Department
Years 7, 8
Nigel Reed Year 6
Gail Nicholls Years 4, 5
Jo Foster Year 4
Beth Cox Year 3
Heidi Pedlar Year 3