Personal, Social,
Health Education

PSHE is an essential aspect of children’s learning. It forms the ‘building blocks’ of life and through teaching a varied range of topics, pupils can develop social skills, become emotionally mature and better express themselves.


Many PSHE lessons are based on ‘open’ discussions focusing on current issues, fostering awareness of major problems caused by mankind and allowing pupils to reflect and develop opinions of their own in a non-threatening environment.

PSHE Curriculum and Teaching

PSHE is taught in the Pre-Prep through assemblies and group sessions, and in the Prep school in Year 3 by class teachers, and from Years 4–8 by the Head of Department with assistance from the school nurse.

Topics are split into age-appropriate levels and themes are often revisited throughout the different years. For more detail of topics covered please refer to the PSHE curriculum. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics, parents are notified in advance. Parents are also encouraged to email Kate Cullum, Head of Department, if they have any questions or concerns.

  • All lessons are 50 minutes in length and pupils are taught in forms
  • Whenever possible lessons are conducted outside the classroom to enable a more informal setting for sensitive issues to be discussed
  • Pupils engage themselves in learning through various cognitive, auditory, verbal and kinesthetic methods including drama, debating, DVDs, presentations and visiting speakers

PSHE Assessment

There is no formal assessment for PSHE but pupils are always encouraged to listen to each other, be sympathetic in their attitudes and behaviour, and to develop their confidence in sharing ideas.

PSHE Department Staff

Kate Cullum Head of Department, Years 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Janet Morgan Pre-Prep
Heidi Pedlar Year 3 class teacher
Beth Cox Year 3 class teacher
Jemma Rae School Nurse