Physical Education

We believe in sport for all – with PE and Games playing an integral and important role at Walhampton. The combination of qualified staff and fantastic facilities provide outstanding opportunities for pupils to learn, improve and develop their skills in a wide variety of different sports.


The main focus of Sport at Walhampton is that every child has the opportunity to participate and compete in a huge range of activities. The ultimate aim is that every child will find a sport they enjoy competing in, and will therefore continue into their senior school and beyond. The key benefit of our PE and Games curriculum is that children participate in physical activity every day of the week. This is vital to ensure the children are kept physically fit and healthy - which in turns helps them concentrate in the classroom.

Sports Facilities

  • Sports Hall: Tennis court, five-a-side football, four badminton courts, basketball courts, netball court, two indoor cricket nets.
  • All-weather surface: Including an eleven-a-side hockey pitch, two seven-a-side hockey pitches, four tennis courts and two netball courts
  • Pitches: Three eleven-a-side football pitches, five seven-a-side pitches, 12 fifteen-a-side rugby pitches, three nine-a-side Junior pitches, two all-weather cricket pitches, four all-weather cricket nets, one tarmac netball/tennis court, four rounders pitches, four pitching golf holes.
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool: Four lanes, 17 metres long.
  • Athletics: 400-metre grass running track, tartan long jump run-up, throwing areas.
  • We also provide coaching and fixtures in golf, sailing and riding.

A comprehensive fixtures programme each term sees the school field a large number of teams in a variety of abilities to ensure as many children as possible are playing in matches on Wednesday afternoons. These fixtures are against both independent and local primary schools and are either friendly or are festivals, tri-angulars or tournaments. We have a dedicated website - - that lists all fixtures, team sheets and directions to opposition schools.

Physcial Education Assessment

Children are assessed in various ways to ensure they are progressing and achieving the standards expected. This includes peer assessment, where the children work in pairs and offer feedback to each other about their performance, and self-assessment - children evaluate their own performance through video. To encourage pupils to evaluate their own performance and to provide guidance, we have formulated attainment level descriptors for each sport, based on the National Curriculum level descriptors.

PE Curriculum and Teaching

Year group PE lessons per week Games lessons per week
Kindergarten 1 x 40 minutes  
Reception 1 x 40 minutes 1 x 40 minutes
Years 1 and 2 1 x 40 minutes 1 x 40 minutes
Years 3, 4, 5, 6 1 x 50 minutes 4 x 50 minutes
Years 7 and 8 1 x 50 minutes on a carousel - each class will have approx. 7 weeks’ PE per year 4 x 50 minutes

Physical Education Curriculum

PE is taught to all pupils at least once a week and children learn a variety of different sports under the following headlines:

  • Games: basketball, badminton, short tennis and volleyball.
  • Gymnastics and Dance Activities.
  • Swimming.

Games Curriculum: Major Team Sports

Boys Sports Teams

  • Autumn term: Football and rugby.
  • Easter term: Rugby, sevens rugby, hockey and cross-country.
  • Summer term: Cricket, athletics, swimming and tennis.

Girls Sports Teams

  • Autumn term: Hockey.
  • Easter term: Netball and cross-country.
  • Summer term: Rounders, athletics, swimming and tennis.

PE and Games Staff

Nigel Reed Director of Sport, Years 3-8
Sue Keys Head of Girl’s Games, Years 3-8
Mrs E A Morris Head of Pre-prep, Kindergarten, Reception, Years 1 and 2
Mrs E A Cox Year 3
Jeremy Klemz Years 3-6
Mrs A G Nicholls Year 4
Miss H E Pedlar Years 3-6
Mr A J Taylor Years 3-8
Mr D J Whately-Smith Years 5 and 6
Mr R Lloyd Years 7 and 8
Mrs A V Marshall Years 5-8
Mr K G Nicholls Years 5-8
Simon Westerman Years 3-8
Mr R J Cullum Years 5-8
Mr M J H Stanley Years 7 and 8
Mr J Nish Years 5-8
Miss J V Foster Years 3 and 4, 7 and 8