Learning Support

An integral part of the school, the Learning Support Unit (LSU) works closely with class and subject teachers to provide additional guidance and hands-on support for children who need it – they might have specific learning difficulties, are gifted and talented, or simply require a boost to their learning at specific times.


Many children at Walhampton work with the LSU at some stage: for support with their academic work or because they need extension work in a particular area. Children supported by the LSU are encouraged to break learning down into small, achievable steps and as they achieve their goals their confidence grows and they feel ready to take on new challenges.

Who do we Support?

We work with children from Year 1 through to Year 8. The majority of our work is with children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia; these children typically follow an individual structured multi-sensory programme to meet their needs. Other children may require a little extra support before their Common Entrance exams to build on their study skills.

At the same time, our Gifted and Talented programme starts in the classroom where children are given opportunities to extend and develop their interests, with learning enhanced through workshops and extra-curricular activities, while visiting speakers share their enthusiasm and knowledge.

How do we Work?

Our role is to encourage and support children to develop their strengths and to recognise and deal with weaknesses. All LSU staff are qualified teachers and hold additional specialist qualifications in learning difficulties.

The majority of children have two lessons each week but this varies depending on individual needs. Some children may have an intensive burst of support for half a term and further intervention is not required. Lessons are taught either 1:1 or in small groups - all LSU teachers have their own rooms across the school. We strongly believe that happy children will learn best, so specialist reading schemes are available and a variety of games are used to enthuse and motivate children.

Learning Support Assessment

The children are regularly assessed to ensure they are making progress. Each child has an Individual Learning Plan that sets out targets and what needs to be done to meet those targets. These are shared with class teachers so strategies can be implemented in the classroom.

LSU Team

Allison Eaton Head of LSU
Elaine Arrowsmith LSU Teacher
Jo Wood LSU Teacher
Marilyn Lock LSU Teacher
Jo Fothergill LSU Teacher