Prep School in Hampshire

7-13 Years

Walhampton is a dynamic prep school where a broad and balanced curriculum combines with exemplary teaching and outstanding facilities – all in a unique Hampshire country setting.


The Independent Schools Inspectorate has described Walhampton School as "An exciting and dynamic school in which children acquire a genuine thirst for knowledge and a love of learning... Pupils are extremely well prepared for their future lives."

From the outset, we make the transition to our Prep School as gentle as possible, ensuring we have a clear understanding of your child’s individual skills, needs and progression.

Years 3, 4 and 5 make up the Junior part of the school, with the Head of Juniors overseeing all academic and pastoral matters. While Year 3 children have the option of a shorter day finishing at 15.50, many choose to stay later to complete prep and take part in our extensive activities programme.

Prep School Years 3 - 5

In Years 3-5, an important objective is building confidence and independence, preparing children for the Senior part of the Prep School. Form teachers in Years 3 and 4 teach all academic subjects in their classroom. By Year 5, the children are mainly taught by academic specialist teachers (in Geography, History, Latin, and so on), with individual pastoral needs continuing to be looked after by their form teachers.

Prep School Years 6 - 8

Years 6, 7 and 8 are the Senior part of the school, with the Head of Seniors responsible for academic and pastoral care. From Year 6, children join a Tutor group that is made up of pupils from across the senior years. Their Tutor then oversees the child’s academic and pastoral care and is the first point of contact for parents and children alike.

Visit Walhampton Prep School

If you would like to experience Walhampton's prep school for yourself, please contact us or visit us on one of our open mornings.