Forest School

Our location on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire means we have access to a unique experience for our students - Forest School. Nestled in the corner of our 100-acre grounds lives this wonderful forest classroom which provides students with opportunities for practical outdoor learning.


We are fortunate that every classroom in Pre-Prep has easy access to the outdoors. This means that every child has opportunities to go outside, work within a team and be closer to the natural world. All our classes make the most of our stunning one hundred acre grounds, which include a specialist Forest School site, outdoor classroom and kitchen garden.


A stimulating woodland setting for children to grow, explore and develop a love of nature. Forest School and outdoor learning inspires our children to be more creative. They develop resilience, perseverance and determination to succeed as they work. These values are then transferred to the classroom and directly support their literacy, numeracy and other academic development. Forest school activities complement and extend the academic curriculum.


Whether it’s creative cookery in a mud kitchen or planting, tending and harvesting in the kitchen garden, the opportunities for learning outdoors are endless. Whatever the weather, outdoor learning builds confidence, self-esteem and offers close-up experiences of nature, life cycles and wildlife. Children develop practical skills, improve their communication and understand teamwork by constructing shelters, working with tools and building fires. These activities take place in a totally safe and controlled environment where they can start to assess and take risks for themselves.


What you need to know


In addition to other opportunities for outdoor learning, visits to our Forest School are timetabled weekly for Reception to Year 2, with the children spending half a day in the woods. By exploring nature and working together – climbing, collecting, shelter building, cooking, fire lighting and more – the children have opportunities to make independent choices, to initiate their own learning and time to sit and reflect.

  • All Pre-Prep children enjoy Forest School and outdoor learning every week (whatever the weather!)
  • Underpins and extends the academic curriculum
  • Deeper learning through hands-on exploration
  • Promotes confidence, independence and raises self-esteem
  • Waterproofs provided