Sports & Activities

Our Pre-Prep busy daily timetable includes sports, PE and other activities such as Gymnastics, Games Skills, Swimming, Dance Workshops - and many other after-school activities.



Children have access to all Prep School facilities and equipment, with activities such as Ball Skills run by professional coaches. Swimming is taught in the summer term.


Within the New Forest school grounds, Riding is offered as an optional extra during the school day to children in Years One and Two throughout the year.

After School Club

After School Club offers supervised play and informal activities (a lot like home) from 15.30 to 17.15 each day.  

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities for children in Years One and Two include tag rugby, tennis, ballet, gymnastics, mini athletics, choir, coding, Lego construction and LAMDA.  

Cultural Visits

Children are regularly taken on educational visits to broaden their knowledge and horizons, whilst a wide range of experts and enthusiasts visit the school to share their knowledge and experiences with the children.


Music is part of the academic curriculum - tuition is provided by a professional musician and qualified specialist teacher. Piano Lessons are also offered to Year Two pupils.