Home from Home

Boarding School

Our full-time, weekly and flexi-boarding school pupils thrive within a homely and caring environment, looked after by our houseparents: a family friendly atmosphere that makes being away from home that much easier.


Walhampton operates an extremely flexible approach to boarding. Parents can choose to board their children from one night a week to seven, while any day pupil is welcome to board for any period of time if space permits. Our goal is to ensure your child’s stay, however long or short, is to enjoy all that boarding has to offer. As you would expect, we keep a close eye on all our school pupils to check they are settled and happy. During the week this includes helping each individual to maintain a healthy balance between work, rest and play.

If this is your child's first time, our message is simple: don’t worry. The team will be there to look after you. He or she will know what to do, and will help you be in the right place at the right time. 

Boarding School Routine

At the end of the school day, boarders change into their casual clothes before supper. Mealtimes last at least 30 minutes and the emphasis is on enjoying conversation, food and a chance to relax. Rewards and discipline mirror modern family life and can be given out collectively (as a dorm) or individually. Older children are also given responsibilities and experienced boarders are on hand to help newcomers. You can see a standard daily routine here.

Of course, there are also ample opportunities for boarders to socialise with friends, play sport, practice an instrument, or consolidate schoolwork in a supervised prep. Our boarders enjoy their own Common Room, TV and games room, along with a full programme of Saturday and weekend activities.

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