Daily life in

Walhampton Boarding

Where you stay 

Our boarding house, Bradfield House occupies part of the top two floors of the main building in the heart of the school, with warm and spacious shared bedrooms providing stunning views across the main lawns to the Solent and Isle of Wight.

Boarders are accommodated in comfortable dormitories, seven for boys and four for girls. Girls stay on the first floor and boys on the top floor. The communal kitchen and games area is on the top floor opposite the house office.

Our Houseparents and family, Assistant Houseparents and family and House Matron all live in the main building. The Headmaster and his family live in a separate building within the school grounds. A number of other staff live in accommodation close to the main building within the grounds.

We work hard to ensure a warm welcome. When boarders first arrive, they enter the boarding house via the main staircase from the school entrance hall and can leave their luggage either inside the girls' area or upstairs in the boys'. A member of staff will meet and greet you first thing in the morning and show you to your form. A member of the boarding house staff, together with a member of your dorm, will also meet you at the end of the school day and take you to your dorm. You will be shown which bed you are sleeping in and where all the facilities are located.

The daily routine

The routines, rotas, discipline and activities in the boarding house are organised and overseen by our Houseparents.

Routines are set to make the house as manageable as possible. Bed times are staggered according to age, with staff always on duty to read to children and ensure they go to bed relaxed and happy. Regardless of length of stay, all boarders are expected to play an active part in the boarding house, its routines and ethos. We want boarders to really enjoy their boarding experience, to learn to be self-reliant yet work within a community.

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