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Iain - Year 8
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Iain - Year 8

WALT: Is it humanity’s nature to judge people and actions as either moral or immoral?

It is humanity’s nature to judge people and actions as either moral or immoral, however this leads to what is called ‘bias’. Bias is where emotive language is used to discredit or glorify a cause. However there are more issues than just that. It is very hard to judge a historical character as entirely moral or entirely immoral.

Take King John I of England. He is usually regarded as a terrible king and a worse regent. He was forced to raise taxes to pay for his brother Richard’s crusades and later to rebuild  the economic structure of the country. John understood the running of the country much better that his brother who is considered a king of  …… morality.

John’s main fault was that he was a poor general. This caused him to lose popularity amongst the barons which eventually led to the signing of the Magna Carta. Again, this is an example of an unsuccessful king being turned into an evil one.

Another figure is Harry Truman. After rising to power following the death of his predecessor Franklin Roosevelt, he made the most controversial decision of all time. He was the man who gave the order for the atomic bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This decision may have saved more lives than it took but killed many civilians. From this decision alone he would look like a horrible man. However he was probably the most honest President that America has had in the last century.

Another example is Edward I. Edward was a strong king and a good ruler. He was also a brilliant military strategist. However in movies such as Braveheart he is portrayed as a monster. To some extent, he was a monster; he persecuted the Jews and used their money to finance the invasions of Wales and later Scotland. Yet he was one of the most successful kings we have ever had as we have kept the territory he conquered to this day.

Finally is Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong led the communist revolution in China. Communism is the idea that everybody receives the same amount no matter what their job. Naturally he did not receive the same amount but a much larger sum. Regardless, Mao inspired his nation to advance into the modern age by creating huge steel factories and many other such institutions. Unfortunately the result of this is unmitigated disaster. Almost all of the new steel was ruined and the leaders in Beijing caused a famine by attempting to take control over such food production.

In conclusion, I am certain that regarding a person of the past on their moral character is a mistake because no character has the same moral through his life. Besides, it is not even necessary that people should be judged morally. We do not know what motivated these great people to make their decisions. All we can do is assume. This is because the intention with which an action is created determines its morality and therefore the morality of the man behind it. If some of these great people had their morality considered, they would not be great.

Iain Duncan, Year 8