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Buzzard at Walhampton Boarding School

A young buzzard takes flight again

Last autumn, an unusually lightly coloured juvenile buzzard made its home in the school grounds. It was frequently seen and heard in the vicinity of the front lawn, the sundial paddock and the all-weather playing surface. As the days became shorter and colder, the buzzard became increasingly bold, and it was seen more and more often on the front lawn. In fact, it was struggling to find enough food and was probably doing its best to sustain itself on worms it had attracted to the surface by drumming its feet on the ground.

On December 19th, Mr Lloyd, our Head of Maths,  found the buzzard on the all-weather playing surface, stranded and reluctant to move - the bird was starving and prompt action was needed in order to save it. With great good fortune, a very kind gentleman by the name of Dennis Chorlton was recommended by East Boldre Hedgehog Rescue as being someone who could save the buzzard. We contacted Mr Chorlton on the 20th and he came to the school the same morning. He collected the bird (which he said was nothing but feathers and bones) and took it home where, as a general rule, he has around a hundred birds in various stages of rehabilitation.

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The buzzard began to feed, put weight on, and soon became much more lively. By the beginning of this week it was so lively that it was in danger of damaging itself in its cage. The time had come for the buzzard to be set free. Mr Chorlton brought it back to the school yesterday evening, and, on the track between the serpentine canal and the sundial paddock, he lifted it into the air and let it go. On release the bird flew upwards – a good sign according to Mr Chorlton – and perched in an oak tree in the paddock. We hope that it will be able to find enough to eat to sustain itself from now on, but kind Mr Chorlton has reassured us that he will be on hand should it need further assistance. We are immensely grateful to him for the invaluable help that he has given not only the bird, but also the school.

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