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Walhampton's Year 7 enjoy a Latin trip to the historic City of Bath

Phoebe Bolton gives an account of the day trip.

Walhampton School Latin trip to Bath 

Last week, accompanied by Mrs Mann, Mr Westerman and Mrs Mills, we arrived at the magnificent historic site with stone walls as cold as our fridge. We were led into a massive room where a lovely man named James told us a lot about the Roman culture and showed us some slides of tomb stones. He told us that in Roman times Bath was called Aquae Sulis. We had the chance to look at some artefacts which were 2000 years old, although some were modern replicas. I carefully examined each artefact, I found some mosaic tiles (tesserae) whose colours were beautiful.

I looked at a Roman lady’s hairpin, it was completely different from what we use now. We resemblance between the glass through the ages however was incredible, it looked almost exactly the same as the glass in our windows. Other items included: a strigil (used by slaves to scrape dead skin from their masters), an amphora, an oil lamp, a perfume bottle and tweezers for plucking out arm-pit hair. After lunch we were each given an audio tour and were free to go and explore. I found myself on a balcony looking down on the Great Bath. Even with all the broken stone pieces I could imagine it fully built, it was spectacular.

The baths were built above a hot spring that gave off heat to warm the pool. Next I visited some tombstones, they were really impressive. The whole tour was breath-taking. I saw some letters and prayers to Minerva (Athena in Greek), I found the east baths, west baths, the caldarium ( hot room), the apodyterium (changing room), the tepidarium ( warm room) and the frigidarium (the cold room) each with its own steps and remains. I spent some time in the gift shop picking some Roman coins as a souvenir to remember my amazing time. There was a special area where you could actually taste some water from the ground, it was warm but pure. After a quick stop at the sweet shop, we headed back towards the minibuses. I really enjoyed the day and would recommend that everyone should come and see it. I will remember this trip because I, 2000 years on from the Romans, walked where they once walked long ago.

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