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Walhampton's success at the Inter-School Show jumping competition

Walhampton had a very successful day at Crofton Manor last Sunday.  We entered two teams and one individual rider in the Show Jumping competition and the JWS class (Jumping With Style). The Show Jumping class is all about jumping a clear round in the fastest time.  The Jumping With Style competition was more challenging, as it is marked by a judge (who is currently the Director of Riding at Stonar School), who awards points for the riding position, the way the course of jumps is tackled and the effectiveness and accuracy of  the  ride. The course comprised of seven show jumps and eight cross country fences. When jumping the show jumps the rider has to be in control of a bouncy canter, ride straight approaches to the fences and maintain a balanced position.  When moving onto the cross country fences you ride like you are going across country, (think what the riders looked liked at Badminton).  The canter is faster and needs to cover more ground, whilst staying balanced and in control.  The rider takes a forward seat and you can kick on and go for it, but you can't knock any of the fences down!

Walhampton School Show Jumping Walhampton School Horses Show Jumping Competition

Our first team of riders, Harriet, Freya and Harriet, were walking the Show Jumping course at 7:45am.  They were all in fine spirits and full of enthusiasm and didn't object when they were made to run around the course.  

All three girls rode very positive courses and Harriet showed great determination when jumping the fences on Mister Midge.  Freya achieved individual 5th place and the team came 4th in the JWS. 

Next to compete were Ella, Tom and Ines. The team rode the well-designed course and came 4th in the JWS. Ines had an excellent round with some very good riding and came 2nd as an individual, which qualified her for the National Schools Championships in October. In the Show Jumping class, they worked brilliantly as a team and came 2nd, only missing out on 1st place by one hundredth of a second!They will also be attending the Nationals.

Dominic rode as an individual rider in the JWS and Show Jumping classes. He rode with confidence, riding accurately into the fences and I think my heart stopped beating when he was flying around the cross country jumps. Dominic was placed 1st in the JWS class which means he has also qualified for the Nationals. His Show Jumping round was fast, furious and clear and consequently he was placed 3rd. We are very proud of all our riders and can't wait to start our Team Training session to help us all prepare for October.

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