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Walhampton's Year 8 visit Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory in Portsmouth Dockyard.

 "We have been studying the Napoleonic Wars as part of our Common Entrance syllabus and in particular we have looked at the Battle of Trafalgar. A visit to HMS Victory was a great opportunity to bring this chapter of history to life.

Walhampton School visit Nelson's flagship HMS victory Portsmouth Dockyard

We had a guided tour around the ship, learning how it operated during the heat of battle, the conditions that the sailors had to live in including the punishments handed out and the food they had to eat. We also stood on the actual spot where Horatio Nelson was shot by a French sniper and we saw the barrel of brandy where his body was stored for the journey to England after the battle.

After lunch we visited the Royal Naval Museum where the highlight was an interactive experience of the actual Battle of Trafalgar. We felt as if we were on board the ship, (screams and all) and part of what happened on 21st October 1805 in this historic battle. Finally we went to Action Stations, a hands on look at the modern Royal Navy and this completed an excellent day out."