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Walhampton visits Arnhem to remember and to say thank you

Walhampton School Arnhem

A group of  Walhampton staff, parents and pupils are preparing to make a trip to Arnhem, in Holland, to commemorate the World War 2 battle fought seventy years ago in 1944. This will be the third consecutive year the school has arranged a trip to Arnhem, but the Headmaster believes this year will be especially poignant: ‘This will be the last formal gathering for many of the veterans. They are all in their nineties. We are keen to meet with them, to shake their hand, to express our gratitude and to hear, first hand, their extraordinary stories of courage and endurance. For the children, this will be an unforgettable history lesson.’

In preparation for this school trip, Mr Mills invited Arnhem veteran, Arthur Shackleton, to visit Walhampton to share his memories of the battle. Arthur, who is 95 years old, was seriously wounded during the evacuation over the Rhine at the end of the nine day battle. 

Sitting in a high backed chair, Arthur spoke to his audience at Walhampton without drawing breath. He spoke with modesty, humour and heartfelt emotion. Eleven year old pupil, Connor Williams, said: ‘You could have heard a pin drop. We were entranced by what this brave man told us. I can’t wait for our trip to Holland.’ 

Walhampton Titus Mills meet Arnhem veteran Arthur Shackleton