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Walhampton Prep Panto brings Christmas cheer


On Monday 10th December, Walhampton Prep school teachers brought peels of laughter to the school's theatre when they performed the pantomime of Cinderella.

Head of English, Richard Fulton, wrote a very amusing script while also casting and directing the school's first staff pantomime. 

Walhampton Panto Amy Marshal as Cinderella

Head of Science, Amy Marshall, stepped out of the science labs and into Cinderella's shiny wellies, only to be swept off her feet by the dashing Prince Charming (Simon Westerman Head of Geography).

Our Deputy Heads, Nigel Reed and Mike Stanley, gave a truly unforgettable performance as the ugly sisters. 

Mr and Mrs Mills took on the regal roles of King and Queen of Walhamptonia. The children squealed with delight to see the Headmaster in a costume that Queen Victoria herself would have been envious of.

Head of Juniors, Ms Pedlar, has raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital by having her pony tail cut off during the performance. Amos Sopher in Year 6 won the raffle to cut Ms Pedlar's hair on stage. With two snips from a large pair of scissors and Ms Pedlar's long flowing locks were transformed into a very sophisticated short bob. Ms Pedlar has raised nearly £1000 for GOSH.

Rapturous applause and waves of Christmas cheer flooded the theatre. "It was great that we had our first teachers' panto at school. It was really funny seeing the teachers singing, dancing and making every one laugh. It was great fun!" said Georgia Morris in Year 6.


 Walhampton School PantoWalhampton Christmas Panto