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Walhampton Prep launches 'Stag' reward policy 

Walhampton has launched a significant new initiative to ensure behaviour and discipline is consistent and understood across the school. Our new Behaviour policy outlines a set of new school rules, together with clearer procedures for rewarding our pupils and giving out sanctions. 

Walhampton’s teaching staff have been introducing to all the Prep children, the importance of the new policy to all the Prep children and everyone seems excited about the launch. Parents have been encouraged to get behind the initiative, as the school recognises that parental involvement is vitally important. 


Pupils across the Prep school have been encouraged to see whether they can remember the new school rules. The results have been very positive with children embracing the new ‘Stag’ reward system and also understanding the clear boundaries and high standards expected for good behaviour as well as the need to respect themselves, each other and the school.