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Walhampton Prep has a 'Whale of a Time' in our theatre


The children in Years 3,4 and 5 led the audience through a world of dramatic delights. Year 4's production of "Jonah - A Fishy Tale" was full of song, sunshine and a very beguiling Senorita. The talking crabs and runaway crooks amused and entertained with fabulous accents. The pirates and ship's crew (led by a rather stern Captain) added great colour to Jonah's journey. Jonah himself enchanted the audience with a beautiful solo in prayer to God. 

The creatures under the sea wore the most elaborate costumes including an amazing homemade lobster and a jellyfish with LED lights installed!


Following the interval, Year 3 sang the opening song to "Time Lords" with a number of powerful duets from the youngest members of the department. Year 5 took us on a journey through time. The audience met a host of historical figures including Florence Nightingale, Beethoven, Boudicca and a band of fearsome dino-pods. The acting and delivery of lines was excellent with great comic timing and dramatic reaction as the events unfolded.

Year 3 ably supported both plays putting such a lot of effort and energy into learning so many songs and dances. Each child had a chance to shine as they strutted their stuff whilst Beethoven sang. The conversations at lunch and around school between the year groups, as favourite lines are quoted, have been electric. With so many children involved in the first-ever Junior Department production, it was such a delight when the final curtain opened and all 108 children were together to sing "We are Champions", and they certainly were. All the children made teachers, parents and other pupils very proud.