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Walhampton is A.C.E.

Achievement Community Environment

At the beginning of the Autumn Term the Junior Department launched ACE into the Junior curriculum. The A.C.E programme aims to educate children about our school grounds, the local community and wider environmental issues. We aim to get the children excited about learning about the outdoors and to be more aware of the community in which we belong. It has three strands that are explored across the three academic terms.

A – ACHIEVEMENT – This term’s work supports independent learning and ignites our childrens’ curiosity and passion for our grounds. For example: Which animals choose to live in Walhampton’s grounds and why? Children will carry out their own independent project, with guidance and support from their teacher. This term pupils will also be using the DT room to make their own bird box. The approach allows each child to understand how to research a topic , apply the relevant information and communicate their findings.

C – COMMUNITY – During the Spring Term, the Juniors will be getting out into the local community and engaging with the people, as well as learning about local charities and organisations that make up Lymington and the New Forest. We will be studying how those organisations, such as the RNLI, Oakhaven Hospice and our local museums and libraries, affect and support our community. This term children will be using their design skills by making wooden owls for ‘Owl Corner’ to support our own Walhampton family.

E – ENVIRONMENT – In the Summer Term Walhampton Juniors are going Global whilst staying local. We will look at wider environmental issues whilst remembering how to look after our home, school and immediate environment. From understanding the life of endangered animals to waste management and pond clearing, each child will begin to understand that responsibility has an effect at home and across our beautiful planet. To ensure that this becomes a passion for our children, we will continuously focus on how each person can make a difference on a daily and life-time basis.

ACE is a bit like a mini Duke of Edinburgh award. The curriculum allows for one ACE lesson a week; a natural step up from Forest School in the Pre-Prep.

Gradually, our children will have a broad set of skills that will set them up for their next step in their educational life.