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Walhampton is a busy pre-prep and prep school within Hampshire. Our news archive features all of our current and old news, announcements and celebrations dating back to 2013.

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Our Chapel Choir's Friday Chapel Anthem

This week's anthem is "A Clare Benediction" by John Rutter, written for a wedding in Clare College Chapel, Cambridge.

Enjoy listening by clicking here.


Lyrics of A Clare Benediction by John Rutter:

May the Lord show his mercy upon you;
may the light of his presence be your guide:

May he guard you and uphold you;
may his spirit be ever by your side.

When you sleep may his angels watch over you;
when you wake may he fill you with his grace:

May you love him and serve him all your days
Then in heaven may you see his face.


If you enjoyed this chapel choir performance, why not listen to The Lord Bless you and Keep you by John Rutter.