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A continuous curriculum for learning maths from Reception to Year 8

By Michael Hamilton-Foyn, Head of Maths


Our maths department has created a continuous curriculum plan for maths learning through the Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior stages of Walhampton. 

Building on the existing curriculum, we have kept what worked well and combined it with the White Rose scheme (including Year 9 National Curriculum work, in line with Common Entrance specifications).  This approach gives the children the best of both worlds: rigour, combined with a deep understanding of new topics before they move on to the next element. 

We are using the concrete-pictorial-abstract model, a system of learning that uses physical and visual aids to build a child's understanding of abstract topics, alongside challenge and high expectations.  Our inspiring team of teachers (the class teachers from Reception to Year 4 and specialist teachers beyond) create an environment where children push themselves, are supported when necessary, but always strive for great things.

By having a continuous plan for learning through the school, children can do it at their own pace.  Starting with the tiny seeds of understanding numbers and growing to the

great oaks of advanced understanding, ready for the transition to senior school.

We want all children to enjoy developing fluency, solving problems and applying mathematics to the wider world. The children are taught through our use of practical resources and technology throughout the school, as well as traditional paper and pencil methods.