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Boys really enjoy horse riding at Walhampton

Walhampton Prep's equestrian centre so excited this year with the number of boys riding at school! 

With 34 of the 93 riders in the Prep school and over half of all the children riding in the Pre Prep being boys, we are at an all time high. 

Could it be the buzz about The Musketeers on the television or the news of Frankel’s new foal, worth £3million, or is it the fact that we have recognised the need to teach boys differently, we’d like to think it’s the latter!

Boys tend to warm to riding at a different pace to the girls. There is a need for excitement without fear, fun and games over style. Just so long as it is safe, speed and bravado prevail amidst the brotherhood! 

The boys lessons are noisy, with lots of laughing and joking, too much time spent on style and panache, quickly bores. The more time finding interesting games for them to play, the better! We offer; polo, polo crosse, quoit polo, horse ball, buzkashi, (a Mongolian game played with the stuffed hide of a goat), lots of rides in the grounds, vaulting, stunt riding, standing on your pony, somersaulting off. 

All this comes with good humour, but underneath the boys do not want to fall off! Their legs are long and they cling on like monkeys, and eventually, slowly, through it all comes the balance and the confidence and the feeling that the girls are moving on without them! 

The girls are jumping and learning how to get the best from their ponies and, bit-by-bit, our lovely  wild Cowboys, Musketeers, Cavalry officers and Warriors want to improve, and they do!